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About me

My name is Joseph Mason Lingeman and I live in New Paltz, New York with my wife and one-year-old daughter. My life in photography began as a teenager, when I first picked up my grandfather's 35mm camera. From there, I learned to process my own film and make black and white prints, spending countless hours in the darkroom after school. I went on to study art and photography in college and, after graduation, I continued on to earn an MFA in Art Photography from Syracuse University.

My art photography practice has taken me around the world--from New York to Silicon Valley, Puerto Rico, the Berlin Wall, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and back. My work has been selected for exhibition by internationally renowned curators and shown across the country--in places like the Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester, NY), Light Work (Syracuse, NY), the Center for Fine Art Photography (Colorado), and international art fairs like Art Chicago.

I love shooting weddings because I get the opportunity to make memories. I see every photograph I make as a unique artwork and I consider it a privilege to be there for one of the most important days of your life and make artwork that you will cherish for decades

I shoot each and every wedding with a talented second photographer and each booking includes an engagement session. Rates for 2018 start at $3450.